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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Litany portrait
Trails is an interesting Shoegazey alternative rock band that a lot of fans of bands like Coldplay would enjoy. They have a very clean mainstream sound and are fun to listen too. Their rhythms are simple but easily digestible. The music is not complicated and high falutin' it's just pure modern alt rock. The guitar parts feature some cool progressions and the solos are a lot of fun to listen too. The solos have a bluesy flavor that really adds to the bands' rock and roll feel. The bass playing is pretty solid and does a good job in giving the lighter songs some more power. In other words, the bassist keeps everyhting interesting and stops the high end from dominating the entire EP. The drumming is solid and the beats remind me distinctly of older Coldplay. While not hip-hop these beats have a very bouncy feel and are a lot of fun to listen too. They don't try to decimate your ears or impress you, just make you feel comfortable. Finally, the singing is pure and sweet. It's really wonderful sounding and is something you can get lost in. In conclusion, Trails is a cool modern rock band and they definitely know how to play it right!

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