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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Conspiranoia is a blackened prog band from Greece with a really cool and varied sound that will not fail to impress. The riffs often sound like a black metal version of standard prog. The sound is that unique. The guitar work is accurately executed and its combination of BM with standard prog is very interesting. The solos are excellent and almost Petrucci-like at times. They add a lot to the music. The bass work is downright fascinating and features a lot of really cool licks. They add an almost exotic element to the band's sound. The drum work is almost perfect with lots of fantastic fills that create a sound that never leaves you bored. Finally we have the vocals which vary between a black metal screech and clean vocals highly reminiscent of James Labrie. In other words, Conspiranoia is Dream Theater with black metal mixed in and it is awesome! Check them out!

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