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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

None Shall Pass

None Shall Pass I s a very cool metalcore band with a super melodic and aggressive sound that puts them a cut above the competition. Their sheer attack is wonderful and its great to hear some non genericore for once. The guitar work is heavy, and while adhering to most core maxims it manages to make it it's own thing by adding a big does of melodeath and even a little djent at times. In addition, the solos are a whole lot of fun to listen too. The bass work is solid and it really strengthens most of the riffs. Still I feel that the bassist could really get some more licks to fill out the bottom end. On the breakdowns he really shines, bringing the band down to a whole new level. The drum work is pretty standard of core but it's still rather interesting and the drummer does a great job on the breakdowns. I really like his work on the track Art Of Illumination where the drums really drive the track forward with a seemingly never ending supply of sweet fills. Finally we have the vocals, the growls are heavy and powerful, while nothing mindblowing they certainly get the job done and they accurately reflect the band, brutal, but not hyper aggressive. Overall None Shall Pass is an awesome metalcore band all metalheads will like.

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