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Thursday, July 26, 2012


 Litany portrait
I am writing a little bit about Ehnahre today because their new album is coming out in September. Ehnahre is a really cool avant garde death doom act from shady Boston. They have a sound that is hard to comprehend upon first listen, but once you start to get into it you won't be disappointed. Their music is complex and artsy. Yet not in the normal way. With a host of black metal and drone influences Ehnahre is one of those bands that is always exciting to listen too because you can never be sure if you're actually listening to music, or something else. Something more, something more profound. The guitar work is simple and brutally powerful. I particularly like the destructive power of the guitar on Animals, a classic for this band. The bass playing is very solid and really encourages the destructive power of the guitar. It's an interesting combination. Meanwhile the drumming is usually minimalistic and provides a raw backdrop to the bands sound. It is bizarre and hard to comprehend why a band would have a drummer who plays like this, but in some way it is very beautiful. The electronics add an interesting layer to the band and put them a cut above the rest. It adds a weird technological quality that you don't often see in this type of experimental music. Finally the singing is brutal and frightening. It has a annihilating force that almost frightens me. Ehnahre is a unique act, and you won't find anything like them anywhere else. Listen to them and be amazed

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