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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Trails is a fun punk rock band with some cool riffs and an awesome attitude. With some stellar musicians they prove that punk doesn't have to be boring nonsense. The guitar parts are steady and have some really cool riffs. They have a bit more melody than the standard punk rock riff and are rather tasty. The bass lines are heavy and really bring the bands sound down. They're a very powerful sounding band and it's kind of cool to hear this heavier element to their sound. The drumming features a lot of cool fills and I particularly like the build ups in A Turn of Phrase. The drummer proves that he has some pretty great skills and that he can play some good stuff. He adds a lot of flavor to this bands sound. The singing is great and has a wonderful melodic quality to it. Yet the singers Guildford accent shines through and it makes this band rather unique. His accent gives the music a whole new flavor and makes everything seem a lot edgier and a lot rawer. His screams also help in adding a heavier taste to this band. Overall, Trails is a really fun band who I'm sure you'll enjoy!

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