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Friday, July 6, 2012

Era of Hate

Era of Hate is a cool melodic death metal with a very heavy sound that combines the best of Slayer and Death. Even though the music has a lot of melody to it there is also a significant old school feel that can not be ignored. The guitar work is very cool with lots of heavy riffs and diminished fills. I particularly like the guitar on the lead track Fugacity. There we get to see the true brutality of the band along with some creepy melodies. The bass work is solid and really pounds your ear drums on some of the heavier bridges. Yet the bass can also sound epic and powerful as it does in the intro too The World Of Make-Believe. I find this to give another layer to the band's sound making them a bit less straightforward than they might first appear. The drumming is hectic and fast with lots of crazy death metal fills. The pounding of the double bass is crucial in the faster places and it really gets you headbanging. Finally we have the vocals, here we see a lot of the old school death influence. They remind me very much of those of the great Chuck Schuldiner, they show a lot of anger and brutality at their roots. In conclusion, Era of Hate is a terrific combination of old and new and you should really check them out!

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