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Thursday, July 19, 2012

iGuitar Magazine

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 I know that a lot of my readers are guitarists and bassists, so I decided to make today's post for you. I want you guys all to know about iGuitar, its a digital magazine that could very well change the face of the guitar magazine industry. The digtal nature of the medium is exploited to the max and creates a unique user experience. Content-wise this magazine is excellent and has interviews with some HUGE names like Slash and Petrucci. It's impressive to see all of the work put into this. The overall experience is wonderful and intuitive and will take your guitar playing to a new level. The iGuitar magazine is taking guitar to a new frontier and I sincerely hope that you check it out!

The page design for each page in the magazine is a great mix of old and new. Rather than just posting boring old pdfs iGuitar posts lush full color pages that are easy to zoom in on (just a click away!). The structure of the iGuitar magazine makes me think that this is the magazine of the future. I sincerely hope that soon all magazines are as easy to access and streamlined as this one. The video lessons are embedded directly into the magazine so you don't need to change sites to view the lesson. This feels really futuristic for some reason and it really tickles me that I can click on an add and see the commercial IN MY MAGAZINE. I find this to be pretty magic. Combined with some awesome content this magazine is almost perfectly presented and I can not find fault with its overall composition, it's just so beautiful!

The content in these magazines, every single one is like a treasure trove of guitar information! Many guitarists would kill for just ONE resource like this, iGuitar has 11, and more are coming out, for FREE! I can't help but love this company for making great guitar lessons for high level guitarists (a rather small demographic). There's nothing not to love here. The articles are stellar and streamlined, the reviews clear and easy to understand and the lessons just stellar. The videos are clear and make sense and the teachers are not afraid to take a little extra time to make sure that their message gets fully across. I really have learned a lot from the iGuitar magazines and I hope to learn a lot more! Everything is well put together and the magazine is highly professional looking. It allows for a great overall experience.

The overall experience of reading a guitar magazine online for free with non-crappy format and awesome content is mind blowing. When I started out as a guitarist I never expected to have a resource as great as this! The synergy of great presentation and spectacular content will never leave you bored. With exposure for underground guitarists who are true virtuoso's (Hello Andy James) it's a guitarists dream come true. I literally can not find fault with this magazine, and I don't see how you could either. I have never had such a wonderful experience with an e-zine and I've tried out quite a few. With some great future plans (I have inside contacts to say the least) I can not wait to see where this magazine will go in the future! I predict that there are great things to come from these guys and we will never be disappointed by them.

In conclusion, iGuitar Mag is the greatest resource for modern guitarists. The magazine layout is gorgeous and unforgettable. This is the magazine of tomorrow. It will teach you a variety of techniques, and every issue will see you improve. In addition the articles are fun reads and very informative. The overall experience is great and I highly doubt you can find a better guitar resource online. So, go check out iGuitar Mag, you won't regret it!

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