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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Urban Abyss

Urban Abyss is an excellent alt rock project that emits a true rock energy. One might even compare it's power and energy to a young Queensryche. The music is high powered and fun and not easily forgettable. The guitar riffs are filled with might and they have a very full overall sound. I think that the solos are also rather well played and show a high level of technical skill. The bass playing is heavy and has a lot of cool riffs. I particularly like the bass playing on the track Blast of Boreas where the bass pushes the song to new levels. The drumming is rather technical and almost djenty at times. It's very tasty and adds a lot to the music. The drum intro of Simplicity is Key is brilliant and shows a nice mix of electronica with hard rock. Finally, the vocals are simple and sweet. While maybe not the best in the world they are very honest and truly communicate the lyrical message. In conclusion, Urban Abyss is a smoothly produced act that will not fail to impress!

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