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Monday, July 23, 2012

In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell is a pure hard rocking grunge band from Rennes France. I got the chance to see them last night and pick up some copies of their record. You can see my review of the show HERE, but my review of the album is below. With a sound that truly hearkens back to the old masters like Soundgarden and Nirvana these guys are the future of grunge. Slaying bands like Nickelback and *shudder * Creed, *shudder * in their tracks these guys prove htat grunge is not dead. With heavy guitar riffs that have that grunge simplicity this band draws you into their sound. The bass work is solid and features some interesting progressions. I really like the drumming on this record as it reeks of the punk rock of In a Nutshell's musical ancestors. Finally, the vocals are raw and beautiful, truly capturing the magic of Kurt Cobain. This is an album any grunge fan MUST enjoy.

The guitar work on this album is truly memorable. From the anthemic chorus of Never Forget to the fun melodies of It's Gonna Be this band prove to have a bit more than the average grunge band. Their sound is varied and tinged with classic rock. There are also a lot of acoustic parts that allow for a mental break from the brutality of the more aggressive pieces. It's interesting to hear the sound as it varies between these two extremes. In a Nutshell's guitar parts have something for everyone, yet they don't sound like sell outs. Their music is pure and unadulterated and their artsy-ness is fascinating and not snobbish. Even though the playing might be technically simple, there is something deeply fascinating about this record. There is just so much to grasp that it's impossible to understand this album in one listen. There is something for everyone here, and you won't soon forget the explosive guitar sound!

I find the bass playing on this album to be especially interesting because there is a bit more variety than in your typical grunge band. With a lot of varied rhythms and harmonized lines the bass work is pretty unique. I particularly like the interesting bass line in the song It's Raining which shows the bass players true skill. He adds a layer to an album of relatively simple music and makes it very intriguing. The drumming is solid with lots of rock and roll lines. At times there is even a bit of a taste of the Ramones. More often though the drummer sounds like a more rocking version of Black Flag. Yet on the acoustic parts he shows an entirely different side of his playing with more interesting rhythms and gentle fills. It's impressive to see how varied the playing is. It shows the true widespread sound of the band. This is a group that can do anything and make it sound awesome.

The singer of this band sounds like a combination of Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain. It's that brilliant. His voice is pure and unadulterated. His singing is just so aggressive yet beautiful. He shows his inner anger on some of the heavier tracks like Lying Hourglass, but he also shows an inner glory with the acoustic parts. His voice could lead a new wave of grunge. With all of its raw wonder it's amazing that no one has discovered this band yet. He is a rare talent and not one you can soon forget. The lyrics can be nonsensical or filled with meaning. It just depends on how you decide to view them. One song whose lyrics I particularly enjoy is Lighty Gravity. A beautiful progressive piece with some excellent words. To finish, Dilly is one of the great modern grunge singers and you can not ignore him! He will lead In A Nutshell to new glory! I am sure of it!

In conclusion, In a Nutshell is in a nutshell, fabulous. With none of the crappy post grunge ethos of their peers they play true grunge that you can not ignore. Their sound is varied and almost progressive at times. It is some truly beautiful music. The guitar work is interesting even though it is technically simple. Bass-wise this album has a lot of really cool riffs which you might particularly enjoy. It shows some more creativity than your typical grunge band to say the least. The drums are very rock and roll and show a true skill. Finally, the vocals are spot on and show the true power of this band, a new Nirvana for a new generation. So, go out and buy this album, there is no way you'll regret it!

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