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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inside Project- A History of Violence

Inside Project is one of France's premiere hardcore bands. Their sound is heavy and in your face. In some cases, literally. Inside Project is not afraid to go all out and put their life blood into the music. You can definitely hear all of their passion on this album. Their sound is one dominated by speedy guitars and headbanging riffs. The bass brings in brutality to the mix and keeps things driving along. Meanwhile the drums are technical and fast. Finally, the black power of vocalist Manu gives the band all of the hate that they could possibly want in their sound. Together they form one of the most impressive modern metal acts in the country.

The guitar work on this album is great. With a big thrash metal influence the playing is hard and fast. The hardcore nature of the music assures that the bands beats stay punchy though and they never ease up. Over top of the rhythm assaults there are occasionally higher pitched lines which do a lot to keep the overall energy level of the music up. Except for the breakdowns. Oh, The breakdowns. They are fantastically heavy and slow. In a live context this is where the pit turns into a slowly pulsing mob. The breakdowns are where the guitarists of Inside Project show their true skill, rather than going the boring route with mediocre halfhearted breakdowns they go all the way, with a sound so brutal that every true metalhead has to love. To wrap up the guitar work on this album is brilliant and will fry your brains. This is pure hardcore heavy metal.

The bass work on this record is incredibly heavy and it's impressive to hear the speed that the bassist manages to play with. He keeps things heavy with lightning fast rhythm parts. He also has some really cool fills that add flavor to the bottom end. The bassist is probably the single biggest reason that Inside Project can be as heavy as they are and still sound good. I really love his style! The drum work is even more fantastic, with a variety of fills the drummer can keep any rhythm maniac interested. His double bass work is excellent during the fast bits and keeps things in a high energy range. During the breakdowns he shows off another side of his playing, slow and brutal and very, very fulfilling. The sheer power of his bass drum during the breakdowns is mind ripping and Felix the drummer truly whips the crowd up into a maniacal fury. In brief the rhythm section of Inside Project is fast and brutal and pretty much perfect, so be sure to check that out!

Finally we have the vocals, the brutal growling of Manu will rip your face to shreds and fill your soul with a satanic energy. He is one of the few death metal vocalists I know that can get a crowd singing along to the chorus, his voice is just that powerful. When he sings you detect a sort of deeply residing anger, a hatred that burns deep within his soul and that he now has to let pour out of him onto his audience. His lyrics also reflect that hatred, with song titles like My Fists Hate your Pride and We all Die Alone, you really get an idea for what the songs are about. One hundred percent brutal anger expressed in a very explicit and powerful way. In other words, Manu is one of the great hardcore vocalists, filled with hate, and capable of communicating it.

In conclusion, Inside Project's A History of Violence is a hardcore masterpiece, an album you will not want to put down. The band is portrayed at their best, fast, violent and hateful. The guitar playing is rapid and will keep you energized for hours at a time. Meanwhile the bass work allows for a massive bottom end. The drum work is highly technical and really can get you headbanging with some crazy rhythm fills. And last, but certainly not least, the vocals are powerful, mean, and angry. They truly communicate the message of the album. In conclusion you MUST buy this album, it is a tribute to violence and is the best true hardcore album of the year!

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