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Monday, July 9, 2012

Festivales du Klub Thrash and Heavy, Towards End Rapture, Malemort, and Inside Project

 So last night I made it out to Le Klub, a small venue in Paris where I attended a mini-festival. I had work the next morning so I only got to see three bands but I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. The first band I saw where the thrashers in Towards End Rapture. After that came the speed power metallers Malemort and finally the undeniably awesome hardcore thrashers Inside Project. Together they put on a formidable show and any single one of them very much deserves to be signed.

The opening act was Towards End Rapture, a modern thrash band in the vein of acts like Revocation and Machine Head. I was impressed by how solid their sound was and how genuinely LOUD they where. Their music was face ripping in volume. The guitar work was very solid and powerful. The riffs where blindingly fast and their sheer energy caught me off guard at first. My one critique is with the solos, it seemed to me that the mix did not allow them to permeate in their full metal glory. The bass work was insane with bassist Guillaume shredding it up with his impressive playing. It was cool to see such virtuosity in a thrash metal bassist. The drum work was extremely fast and aggressive and reminded me more than a little of the hectic playing of Dave Lombardo of Slayer. It came across very well. The singing was shared between all three of the band members and this allowed for an interesting mix of growls, from a standard thrash shout to a blackened scream. The stage show was also fairly impressive, however I feel like the band could have tried to reach out more to the audience. In conclusion, Towards End Rapture is a great thrash metal band and their live show is hectic but could use more audience participation. So be sure to check them out!

The next act was a French band I had previously heard of from a friend, they are called Malemort. They have a thrash tinged power metal sound that very much fit the ambiance of the evenings show. In fact they remind me a bit of another French band called Lonewolf. The guitar work was fast and furious, but again the mixing did not really allow the solos to shine through. However the riffs where powerful enough that my lust for guitar madness was sated and I had plenty to headbang too. The bassist (who was kind of hidden by the rest of the band) showed some very good technique and really managed to keep the songs driving forward. I particularly liked his powerful part in the song La Meute. The drumming was very quick and featured a lot of flashy licks. It truly communicated the raw energy of the night. Finally we have the singing, bombastic and flashy their vocalist is like a young Bruce Dickinson, ready to take the world over with his powerful pipes. My favorite part about this band was their live energy. In particular the lead singer went absolutely nuts sharing his rock and roll message. So to conclude on this group, Malemort puts on an amazing live show and are definitely worth seeing!

The final act that I got to see was the hardcore masters Inside Project. They had an incredible live show with the singer running around in the pit and driving up the crowd. At one point he started screaming the lyrics in peoples faces. It was that awesome. The guitars where heavy and fast and with the bassist the band had their synchronized headbangs down perfectly. My favorite parts where the heavy breakdowns where the entire pit turned into a slowly gyrating mob. The bass work was excellent on those breakdowns as well and really brought the brutality into the band. However the most technically accomplished member was probably the drummer who's fills where insane and kept the energy high up. Finally we have the singing, with lyrics full of hate he stirred the crowd up and got everyone headbanging and having a good time. The stage show was brilliant and high powered and you could tell everyone in the crowd was loving it. After the show everyone was high fiving and chest bumping. Suffice to say, Inside Project came across very, very, well.

In conclusion my first Festivale Du Klub was excellent and I had a great time. All three bands that I got to see where excellent and really showed some great musicianship. Things started off heavy with the insanely cool Towards End Rapture, then it got epic with Malemort. Finally Inside Project brought the house down! So, go check all three of these bands pages, I'm looking forward to seeing you at their next shows!

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