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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Power Zombie

Power Zombie is a freaky punk band that has pretty much blown my mind. Their sound is unpredictable and really fun. The guitar riffs are pretty simple overall yet their variety is very satisfying and fills me up with a musical energy that can not be matched. The bass is turned up very loud and it really shines on the heavier parts where it clearly brings the band down into the blackest reaches of the group's sound. The drum work is really exotic featuring a true virtuoso behind the kit. With a variety of fills this guy will never leave you bored. In some way he is truly the highlight of this group. The vocals are half shouted and half sung. They are quite powerful at times and definitely get the punk mentality across. I think they are actually pretty cool as they get the overall horror feel across to the listener. In conclusion, Power Zombie is a really cool punk band with some interesting lyrics and an AWESOME drummer. So go check them out!

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