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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here's to the Heroes

Here's to the Heroes is a fun pop punk band that reminds me distinctly of My Chemical Romance. Their sound is not to heavy but rather fun, and even though it might not be my cup of tea, I know quite a few people who might want to hear them. The guitars are surprisingly brutal for the overall sound. The rhythms are catchy and very pop punk. They definitely capture the lyrics spirit. The bass work is solid and enforces the riffs yet overall it does not have a huge effect on the sound. Still, it definitely fills out the bottom end. The keytar work is fun and adds a major pop feel to the music. I particularly like the keytar part during the bridge of Cheap Thrills. The drums are simple and sweet and very poppish. They definitely keep the music bouncy and fun. Finally we have the vocals. They are rather standard of the genre, but they have a little something more. They have their own power to them that puts them a cut above the rest. In conclusion Here's to the Heroes is a fun band who could pretty easily get huge very fast!

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