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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rollin' Loaded

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Rollin' Loaded is a band from my hometown West Chester Pennsylvania (Also the hometown of our friend Zach Pino and where Dan currently lives). So already, major bonus points. Asides from the fact that I probably used to know the band members let's get down to business. The guitar work here ishectic and fun and very rock and roll. It has a fire and passion to it that is rarely found these days. It screams rock and roll energy and I don't want to stop listening to these guys. The bass work is heavy and solid, I really like the heavy bass playing on the track Up In Smoke where a heavy bass line drives the song to a rock and roll climax. It really provides a heart for the band to base its sound around. The drumming is crazy and rapid, the playing is pretty typical of the punk genre yet the drummer makes no effort to sound accurate. He just pours out his heart and soul into the kit and just makes me want to dance. The vocals of Rollin' Loaded are raw and scratchy. Half shouted they emit a true passion for the music and impress me with their brute force. They have a great garage rock feel to them and show that the genre is not dead yet. Overall, Rollin' Loaded is an awesome garage rock band and they really have it all covered. So go check them out!

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  1. You should check out their new ep too dudes