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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coffin on Tyres

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Coffin on Tyres is a doomy stoner metal band from Paris and another act on the list that I hope to see Sunday night. Their riffs are straightforward and brutal. They are executed with a dark precision and it's impressive to hear the sheer might of the music. Even though the tempos are slow, there is SOMETHING that drags this band to dark levels. The guitar playing is heavy and bluesy. I particularly like the track Time Machine which features a heavy and dead on solo. It's perfectly executed and show the majesty of this band. The bass playing is heavy and comes in especially well on the acoustic intro to Mexican Standoff. On more colossal riffs the bass also comes in well to make everything even bigger and more impressive sounding. The drumming is solid and has a classic stoner vibe. I really like the jazz feel that permeates a lot of this guys playing. I can't wait to see how he delivers in a live context! The vocals are moaned, powerful and sweet. Yet when the riffage gets big the singer is not afraid to go out into full on screaming, bringing you down into his metal Tartarus. In conclusion, Coffin on Tyres is an excellent band and has all the great hallmarks to become a truly huge act.

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