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Friday, July 20, 2012

Soleil Vert

 Litany portrait
Soleil Vert is an excellent stoner metal band from Paris and I'm excited to go see them this weekend. Their music is high powered and very well put together. Their music communicates an interesting message and is great fun to listen too. The guitar riffs are solid and almost Sabbathy with lots of bluesy fills and crunchy rhythms. The solos are fun to listen too and they are really just continuations on the amazing legacy of Black Sabbath. This band has a particularly good bassist and his heavy riffing dominates songs like Pig Headed. He proves that he is a cornerstone of the group and he really helps make everything so much more full sounding. The drum work is very tasty and the classic rock playing is spruced up with some jazz and metal influences. It's just another aspect that makes this band sound more like Black Sabbath, or in other words TOTALLY AWESOME. The vocals of this group are solid and powerful. They are plain and straightforward and show the true stoner metal ethic. They just want to communicate a message and maybe pour in a little heart and soul while they're at it. In conclusion, Soleil Vert is an excellent hard rock band and I can not wait to see them sunday night!

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