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Friday, July 20, 2012

In a Nutshell

Lying Hourglass cover art

In a Nutshell is a grunge band in the vein of Pearl Jam or Nirvana. They have a true rock and roll aggression and properly reflect the grunge movement of the early 90s. This is another band I hope to see Sunday night and I think they'll impress me. Their guitar work is simple but not afraid to go into cool melodic passages. They have a good fusion of classic grunge with strains of modern rock. The bass playing is heavy and really comes across on some the heaviest riffs. My favorite bass part is on the colossal riff in Lying Hourglass where the bass comes through to bring everyone to a new level of brutality. The drumming is rather typical of a grunge band. However I must note that it has a lot of really impress build ups to explosions of rock and roll energy. The drummer truly manages to communicate the sheer power and might of In A Nutshell. The vocals are dirty and Vedder-like. They communicate the raw simplicity of the grunge sound. I have rarely heard equally great modern grunge singers. In conclusion, In a Nutshell is a killer grunge band and they “get it”. I can't wait to hear more from them!

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