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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dying Seed

Litany portrait

The Dying Seed is an exceptional post-metal stoner band with a really memorable sound that will keep you rocking. With straightforward brutal riffs The Dying Seed draws you into their simple but brutally elegant music. The guitar playing is not to complex, but there is very interesting mix of heavy distorted parts and simple acoustic solos. This adds some layers to the music. The bass playing is nearly perfect with a ton of tasty fills and lines the bass playing will not leave you bored. I particulaly like all of the fills and flavor in the classic Rivers End. The drumming is slow and steady and almost Sabbath-like. With a metal style tinged with jazz and blues it's really cool to hear how the drummer reflects the bands overall sound. The vocals, half growled half screamed are very good and remind me of the stylings of classic singers of the old school black metal bands or even a more modern act like Black Tusk. They are truly fun to listen too. In conclusion The Dying Seed is an awesome band and I can't wait to see them on Sunday!

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