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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ancient Power

Ancient Power is a sick thrash metal act with all of the aggression and power of Dark Angel. They truly know how to make it old school. With a evil sense of riffing this band makes REAL thrash metal. The playing on this record is stellar and lots of fun. The guitarist has such a rapid guitar attack that its sometimes hard to believe what you're hearing. There are obviously major punk influences at play here. This band really captures the feel of what must have been going on in the Bay Area in 1980. Here the guitarist shows us some true thrash metal insanity! The bass playing is extremely rapid and some of the fastest fills add a lot of flavor to the songs. In particular the bassist helps bring the sound down into the abyss, yet I feel with a bit of adjustment in the mix his role could be much increased. The drumming is viciously fast and I really like the crazy feel to the playing. His style is very hectic and he makes the band seem like they could explode at any moment, it adds a lot of energy to the band to say the least. Finally we have the vocals, with a solid Tom Araya-esque singing style combined with horribly nerdy power metal type lyrics I can't help but love this band. They find a meeting point of my two favorite genres and make it awesome. Essentially, this is what would happen if Blind Guardian wrote the lyrics for Slayer. So folks, go check out Ancient Power, they are truly brilliant!

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