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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Amnesis is a really cool hardcore thrash band with a very brutal sound that reminds me of brutal death acts like Vore and Miseration. They have all of the energy for a stellar death metal band but they add something more, something that makes this group terrifyingly powerful. The guitar work is extremely heavy, and with so much raw sound its impressive to hear what they can do. The crazy riffing on Cause And Effect draws you into the EP and truly shows you what these guys are capable of. Yet there is another element at play here. A calmer and more thoughtful element, we see this in the keyboard parts of songs like Overture of a Fragile Mind, as well as in many of the lyrics. While on the outside Amnesis is a scary death metal band, they have another side to them that makes them even more impressive. The drum work here is also pretty stellar, with a very aggressive attack on songs like Venus Envy we see how well this guy can rock. His playing is fast and brutal and fun. It really gets the death metal feel across and just makes you want to headbang. The vocals are heavy and almost deathcore-like at times. They are very meaty and have a really impressive might to them that few bands can match. This singer can really belt out some very powerful and destructive vocal lines. In conclusion, Amnesis is a very heavy band that sounds really cool at full volume. They will crack your skull and smash your bones, you can't help but love them. So go check them out!

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