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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Anubis is a very interesting Egyptian themed death metal band who where clearly very influenced by Nile. Their music is highly technical yet it also incorporates some stellar black metal riffs. The guitar work is great and some of the melodies are really wonderful. I really like it when the melodies get really Egyptian sounding as it adds a lot of flavor to the music. I just wish they would do that more often. (I have the same complaint with Nile by the way). The bass playing is extremely heavy and it really gets to shine on the more black metal bits. On the rhythm breakdown on Plagues of the Nile the bassist shows how great he really is. Meanwhile the drumming is great. With a very solid attack he will leave you wanting more. His playing almost has a folk metal aspect to it at times, yet at others it's much more of a prog or even djent thing. Finally we have the vocals. The growls are vicious and brutal and really show a hidden evil. Meanwhile the lyrics are just brilliant. Singing of the ancient Egyptians and all their hardships the lyrics are just really wonderful. They add a lot to the band and help make them unique. In conclusion, Anubis is a cool Egyptian death metal band that you should really check out!

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