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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Awaiting Disaster

Awaiting Disaster is a cool hardcore death metal group in the vein of Inside Project. Their sound is brutal and fast but tinged with a more death metal element. Whil the bases of this band are hardcore there is a definite metal vibe here. The guitar work is really cool and the swirling death metal riffs on Finger of Blame show a true dedication to all that is heavy. The riffs have a lot of power behind them and I really dig the blazing fast hardcore parts. It's particularly impressive to hear the bassist on these bits too. Its not often that you find a bassist that can keep up to music that is this fast. On the breakdowns he really shines with a lot of tasty licks. It makes for a cool varied sound. With crashing cymbals and a stunning double bass the drumming is stellar. I really like how he captures the crazy and barely together feel of the band. Finally we have the vocals, with an interesting mix of inhales and exhales his heavy growls are truly metal. In conclusion this band is one of the most brutal hardcore death metal bands you'll hear. They have a very tight sound and they are a joy to listen too. Check them out!

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