Chuck Schuldiner Project

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arrange & Ruin

Arrange and Ruin is a nift technical metalcore band with a sound that reminds me distinctly of Protest the Hero. They have heavy riffs, excellent songwriting, and none of the posery crap that makes so much American metal so boring. The guitar playing is very solid and the solos are truly bombastic. Meanwhile the raw riffage on songs like Rust in Peace is fairly brilliant. The bass work is equally magic and there is a certain raw power to be had here that is hard to find elsewhere. I particularly like how the bass booms its way through the verses. The drum playing is highly techinical on the the instrumental bits. But on the more crashing sections designed for rocking out to, we definitely see a more simplistic side of the playing come out. It adds a lot of flavor to the music and really sets up the feel for the entire band. The singing is very raw, while definitely not a growl, these are not sung vocals either. Instead we have a shout that somehow rips and crashes through the bands sound. There is a lot of energy to be had here and you won't soon forget the vicious power to be found in his singing. In conclusion Arrange and Ruin is a cool band, and with a little studio work, and a few more songs they could be truly brilliant!


  1. Thanks dude..Cheers!!!

    Jay- Drummer-Arrange and Ruin

  2. i totally agree!!