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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Morningless is a very interesting new melodeath band from Quebec. They take the melodeath standard feel of In Flames and Soilwork and mix in a taste of black metal to get a sound that is wholly their own. Morningless is a breath of new life in what is a rather stale global melodic death metal scene.

The guitar riffs find an interesting mix between black metal riffing and more standard melodeath playing. It is interesting to note that this touch of black metal actually gives the band a bit of a viking feel at times. The solos are powerful and melodic, they show the guitarists to be true virtuosos, capable of some very destructive stuff.

Then we have the bass work, with a lot of his own fills the bassist adds a layer to this band that a lot of other melodeath bands don't have. Due to his expanded role this band can really differentiate themselves from the crowd. I'd love to see this become more of an emphasis in this bands work. The drumming on this record is fast and furious and never lets up. I particularly like the heavy and speedy playing on Take My Hand which shows the drummer at his finest. His rhythms are overall pretty simple, but some of his fills are extremely tasty.

The growls are heavy, harder than those in In Flames. They too add a tad of black metal in their sound. There is a harsher agression here that you don't get in the music of bands like Therion or Soilwork. It gives everything a rather ragged feel to it.

While overall this is clearly a melodeath band there are some little discrepancies in the sound that show that Morningless is quite capable of other very interesting things. In conclusion Morningless is a very interesting melodeath band that you should really check out!


  1. You have hit the nail on the head with review! I agree 100% with everything you said. I just have one thing to add. I also really enjoyed the constant tempo changes. Coupled with the heaviness of the drums, guitars and bass, they add yet ANOTHER dimension to this already multi-faceted production!

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