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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Come the Dawn

Come the Dawn is a young metalcore band with electronic elements. These guys have a rather distinct sound and their electric side adds a lot to the music. Rather than coming across as djenty like many other modern electro metal bands (Like Periphery) they stay very heavy and based in reality. The playing is not overall technical but the riffs are very tasty. Their is a certain hardcore brutality here that adds a lot of flavor to the songs. Meanwhile the bass playing is pretty heavy and really dominates on the more electronic parts. In particular the heavy bass crushes on the song Daily Gnargoyles. The drumming is solid and often inspired by electronica. This adds an interesting element to this band to see a group that is not nu metal yet have these electronic rhythm elements. The synth programming is actually pretty great. It adds a heavy pop feel to everything and makes this band a bit more accessible to the average music fan. I particularly like the interesting vocal effects that this band can get. The singing is overall pretty good, the cleans are very typical of the core genre, almost pop punklike at times. Meanwhile the growls are brutally heavy, in places they could be described as having a deathcore or brutal death might to them. Overall, Come the Dawn is a very interesting modern band that has a bit more than most of their modern metalcore acts. So check them out!

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