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Monday, August 20, 2012

Into the Storm
Into the Storm is a death metal band with a major old school feel that calls up images of metal gods Chuck Schuldiner and bands like Carcass. However, there is definitely a more expiremental edge to some tracks. They have an old school brutality and rawness to them that makes their music magic. The guitar parts are rapid and brutal, the sheer power of a lot of the riffs is rather impressive. In particular the sludgy might of the guitar on K'nuckles shows what this band is capable of. The production makes the guitar sound dissonant and evil and this just adds another cool layer to the sound. The bass work on this record is pretty cool and really shines on the acoustic bits. In particular the bass playing on the intro to the ultimate track Walter White shows a lot of bass virtuosity. Meanwhile, the drumming is very solid and has a barely produced edge to it that means that everything sounds a lot more raw. This adds a bit more of an old school death metal edge to a lot of the songs. In particular on tracks like Jean Luc Picard the drums really get to shine. The death growls are very solid and brutal. They have a very lively quality to them, but they match the production, they sound dissonant, slightly off, and a bit concerning. This overall effect means that Into the Storm is like the Velvet Underground of death metal. They make something that sounds rather normal, but when you get into it there are actually some very powerful and deeply concerning things being mixed into the music. So go check out Into the Storm, they're interesting to say the least.

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