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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Deep in Hate-Origins of Inequality

Deep In Hate is a cool French Hardcore band with a interesting technical side and a bit of a grind influence. The music is brutal and vicious, this is not a band that you screw around with. Deep In Hate is pure Paris Hardcore at its finest. In the vein of groups like L'esprit du Clan and Inside project these guys truly rock. The guitar work is at once technical and very brutal. Almost djentlike at times this band has some truly excellent guitar playing. The bass is really rapid and the brutal attacks on the breakdown make me smile. The drum attack is relentless and the drummer really knows how to rock that double bass pedal. Last of all, the singing is vicious and has a certain grindcore savagery to it that makes this band truly brutal. All in all, Deep In Hate is one of the great Paris Hardcore bands, lets delve deeper into their sound.

The guitar on this album is undeniably hardcore. The rhythms are unbelievably fast and they show some awesome downpicking technique. However there is a more technical side of the music too. It shows off how well these guys can play. The added in licks add a lot of flavor and differentiate this group from more generic hardcore acts. There is a lot of brutality going on here, but the counterbalance of the technical side makes things a lot more interesting. This is a band that can at once get the crowd headbanging while keeping the guitar nerds happy. Thats a pretty impressive feat for a modern band in a world where djent rules the tech-death scene. Overall, the guitar playing on this album is a triumph and shows that hardcore guitar is not dead and that things can still be done within the genre.

The bass playing on this album is very solid. In particular the huge bass riff on Sands of Time shows just how heavy this band can get. The bassists role is primarily to drag the sound down, but it is well mixed so things do not become muddy or drab. I do wish that there where more bass only fills though, I think it could add a nice flavor to the music. The drumming is filled with double bass insanity that just makes you want to move. The raw power that is found in his drumming is very impressive. However there is also a more relaxed side which we get to see in bits of songs like in the intro of Return to the Source. It would be interesting if this band expounded upon that idea in their future work. In brief, the rhythm section of Deep In Hate is very solid and extremely fast, they know how to play metal.

Finally we have the vocals. The growls on this album are tinged with a grindcore taste that makes everything sound a bit like Pig Destroyer. However as opposed to many grindcore records the mixing of the vocals means that you get to enjoy their full brutality. The sheer power of the vocals definitely adds a lot to the music, there is a very meaty overall sound to be had here. In addition they help make some of the lyrics more profound. It's interesting to note that the lyrics are rather deep for a hardcore band. Song titles like “Return to the Source” and “Lobotomizing the Masses” gives you a general idea of what this album is about, fighting hypocrisy and staying true to yourself and not falling to the man. In other words, the singing on this record is brutal but the lyrics are deep They are definitely worth checking out.

In conclusion, Origins of Inequality is a stellar hardcore release that you will not soon forget. Mixing standard hardcore music with a much more technical side Deep in Hate carves out a place for themselves in a crowded modern hardcore scene. The guitar is viciously accurate with a ton of killer solos. The bass playing is very heavy and dominates certain songs. Meanwhile, the double bass playing of the drums makes everything seem incredibly fast and adds a real headbanging feel to the music. Lastly, the vocals have a grindcore anger, that, when mixed with very deep lyrics become truly awesome. So go check out this Deep in Hate record, you'll really like it!


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