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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Collective Unconscious

The Placebo Effect cover art

The Collective Unconscious is a nifty new prog band from Morehead. They have a sound that is distinctly reminiscent of the brilliant playing of Between the Buried and me. They provide a type of heavier prog that is slowly becoming popular again. The guitar work on this album is heavy and the arrangements are inspiring. The playing on this record is really just stellar. I really like all the different sounds to be had on this record. In particular the solos on this record have a certain Petrucci-esque element to them that forces me to keep listening. The bass part are very heavy and really dominate on the heavier parts. They show off a level of technicality that few bassists can boast of having. The drums are often rather complex, but they all come off a backbone of rather solid rock fills. The singing on this record is split between brutal, almost deathcore growls and half sung half spoken clean vocals. The growls go over very well, but I'm not really sure if I appreciate the cleans as much. However they do provide a nice contrast and fit nicely with the music, so I'll give them that. All in all the Collective Unconscious is a cool prog band that any fan of the genre should enjoy. So check them out!

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