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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Diztord is a really cool studio project that could be best described as symphonic metal, but it combines a lot of other elements. In many ways Diztord reminds me a lot of Devin Townsends work. There is a certain magic here, a high powered symphonic metal magic that you can not easily forget.

The guitar work is very solid and the rhythms combine standard death metal with some more djent and prog type elements. This adds a rather interesting flavor to the music and makes it sound even more like Devin Townsend.

The  bass playing is also rather good on this album. The heavy rhythm breakdown at the end of I'm Gone shows true skill. Overall his playing is very juicy and a lot of fun to listen too. The drumming is very solid and often rather energetic.

The fun drums add a lot to the songs and give everything a rock feel. Yet on more complex parts the drummer stays heavy and manages to nail it every time. I really like his high powered playing on the pre solo of Unrepentant.

ocally this band is interesting. With quite a few styles of vocals (and guest vocalists) its hard to sum up this band in just a few sentences. The female vocals are really beautiful and have a lot of guts behind them. Even though they could just be dismissed as "White woman wailing I feel like theres something more going on here. After that we have the growls which are pretty typical of modern death metal. I really like how they are used on I'm Gone. Finally we have the male clean vocals. They are very power metally and are actually rather fun to listen too even if they can be quite narmy.

 The compositions are really good and they seem to fit the lyrics nicely. They are definitely a highlight of the record. The songwriter of this project definitely knows how to make short songs that sound epic and symphonic. It's rather impressive. My one wish is that these guys write some longer songs, I feel like that would add a lot to the music.

In conclusion Diztord is an awesome new band who could very well become huge with their awesome mix of prog and symphonic metal. So yeah, Diztord will blow your mind clean off, go check them out today!

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