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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fleeting Circus

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So, here's another full length review for today. Today I have the joy of reviewing Fleeting Circus's new record Dream World of Magic. This album is an interesting mix of a more polished modern rock sound with some more old school elements that take concepts from garage rock and even old school prog. With stellar production this is not your average garage rock album, but with an honest rawness this album definitely is not entirely modern rock. Instead Dream World of Magic is somewhere in the middle. At once clean sounding and proper, but also vicious and raw. It truly is a very interesting listen. There is something for every fan of rock music here, yet it all fits nicely in under the burnished lid that is the Fleeting Circus sound. They have found something rather unique, and as I get deeper into this review I hope that you start to understand that.

The guitar work on this record is often rather simple on the face. Yet there are definitely places where a more experimental Pink Floyd-esque type of vibe brings a lot to the music. The heavier punk rock riffs form the basis of this bands sound. They have a manic energy to them that is brought under control by the wonderful production. Meanwhile, the solos have a lot of feel to them, so that, even if they might not be very technical they definitely get a message across. I really think that the more experimental vibe that some of the guitar parts have is great for the band because it gives them room to branch out and also adds some flavor to their basic formula. All in all, the guitar playing on this record is at once rebellious, polished, and experimental, this is a combination that is hard to find in the modern rock scene.

The bass playing on this record is very steady. It really helps out the punk rock side of the music. Also when the guitars go on a more experimental trip the bass helps to keep everything together. Somehow the bassist provides the most solid backing a band could ask for. At the same time he can really rock, and on songs like we see him in his full glory, a true rock and roll master. The drumming on this album is rather simple but it really gets the job done. Even though his playing is not really technically flashy he gets the job done. And there's not much more you can ask for then that for a modern rock band. However I must admit that every time that he is allowed to explode and go crashing away on the cymbals he reminds me a bit of Meg White. Suddenly he goes from being a very controlled player to a wild and vicious rock monster.

The singing on this record is very controlled sounding but also very melodic. In other words It is the epitome of modern rock. He keeps everything in the bands often wild sound managed and calm. Suddenly a sound that can be bursting at the edges is a lot more reasonable and easy to control. Yet there is definitely a lot of passion behind the singing, and a ton of power. In particular the song Hurricane is something of a vocal masterpiece to me. It shows the singer pouring out his heart and soul for this band. He has a certain majesty and beauty in his singing that is not easily matched. The lyrics are also pretty cool, while mostly philosophical, there are more fantastic song, and even a love song to even out the mix. Overall this album is pretty vocally, and definitely shows modern rock at it's finest.

In conclusion, Fleeting Circus' new EP is a beautiful slab of sophisticated, clean, garage rock. They find a meeting point between two genres that can often be at odds and they make it work. This band is rather unique, and also very fun. They know how to play that rock and roll music and they know how to make it tasty. This record combines many things I like about rock music and makes it interesting, and not mixed up sounding, as many bands that try to combine genres do. This is a band with a clear concept, excellent execution and a whole lot of heart. This is an album that is definitely worth checking out, even if more modern sounding rock isn't your thing. I think you'll enjoy it!

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