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Monday, August 6, 2012


Litany portrait
Entropy is a cool alt rock meets electronic band. Their sound is rather unique and very cool. It combines the best of hip hop with more rock elements for a fun overall sound. The guitar work is rather cool, comprising mostly of punk rock riffs that ride underneath the keyboard lines. I particularly like how the guitar is used as a back up instrument here and the synths are given free reign. I also really like when the guitar parts start to mimic the synths. Overall the synth lines find a nice mix of techno and rock. Its cool to hear how they combine two completely different genres but manage to make it not sound contrived. Finally the drumming is really tasty and adds a great hip hop feel to the music. There are some really interesting buildups here and they remind me a bit of some dubstep artists I know. In conclusion, Entropy is a very interesting and very tasty group with a rather unique sound who you should really check out!

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