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Monday, August 6, 2012

Fall of Mirra

 Circling the Wagons cover art
Fall Of Mirra is a cool Progressive Metalcore band from Singapor. They are interesting in that they are not afraid to incorporate some deathcore elements in their sound. The music is very tasty and brilliantly executed. They have a certain brutality and accuracy that makes them a lot more appealing to me than most other metalcore bands. The guitar work is great and the manic riffing on With Handsight is an awesome way to start off the album. The playing just fills you with energy and makes you ready to rock. The bass work is extremely solid and like in most metalcore bands it really shines on the breakdowns. However, because this band is not afraid of incorporating deathcore elements the bass playing can get really heavy. It adds a lot of flavor to the band. The drum work is really cool on this record and with a good number of drum solos sprinkled throughout the playing really gets to shine. The rhythms are tasty and quite a bit more brutal than in your generic metalcore band. The synth playing is pretty cool and it adds a nice symphonic element to some of the songs. Still, I feel like the synth player could be given more chances to shine. Finally we have the growls. With a good old fashioned metalcore brutality the playing is a joy to listen too. They really top off the band and make everything gel nicely. In conclusion, Fall of Mirra is an awesome metalcore band and could very well be the next big thing!

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