Chuck Schuldiner Project

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eyes for a Horse

Eyes for a Horse is a bad that has dubbed itself a wizardcore act. And honestly, I can't really give them a genre label, so let's just go with that. With a combination of Death, Metalcore, Nu Metal, Sludge, and Melodeath these guys are hard to describe. The guitar work has a weird combination of styles and is very interesting to listen too. While sometimes this hodgepodge sounds confused at other times it's just plain fun to hear so many styles smushed together. The bass playing is especially heavy on this record and eally shines in the breakdowns. There is also some pretty cool major bass riffage that adds a lot of flavor to the music. I really like the drumming on this record and it has a weird quality to it that remind me a lot of Meshuggah. In particular the song The Bill Cosby shows off this bands weird almost djenty quality. Finally, the singing is a mix of growls and cleans that are very nu metal. It's cool to hear so many flavors in his vocal style but it might be nice to have some more melodic cleans. In conclusion Eyes for a Horse is a band that defies description and revels in it. These guys are truly unique, so check them out!


  1. Hey this is a really good thing to hear in our sate of minds right now. we los a close friend, this review is a boost for all of us.

  2. I like the drumming too! The vocals are original, very original!
    great review congtraz to the band ~ Joan