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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Generator Ohm
Generator Ohm is a nifty rock band with a sound that combines the influences of a variety of classic acts for a pretty unique modern sound. There is an interesting combination of old and new on this record. There are some math rock influences on certain songs and some pretty trippy drum parts, yet at the same time some of fills scream classic rock. I find this to be rather interesting and I think it adds a lot of flavor to the music. The guitar playing on this record is very solid and features a lot of cool progressions that are very modern rock. While none to heavy they are all rather tasty and cool to check out. The bass work is very creative and there is a ton of really cool fills going on in this record. It adds a really cool layer to the music and really draws you in to the sound. The drumming is very cool and is not afraid to experiment with some different sounding beats. There are some very cool build ups and progressions on this record and I really like how they gel with a lot of the guitar structures. It's cool to hear music this developed. Finally, the vocals are very well executed and have a smooth and reassuring beauty to them. It really grounds the band into reality. It takes all of the progressions and brings them back to earth. The vocals are an essential part of this band. In conclusion, Generator Ohm is a cool band that any modern rock fan will probably enjoy, so go check them out!

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