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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Step Daddy


Step Daddy is a cool new rock band with a kind of jam band feel to them that makes everything feel loose and fun. The fun that this band seems to have just jamming through their tracks is incredible. They have a great feel to them and their energy bleeds off into the listener. The guitar parts are hevay and feature quite a few nifty licks. I particularly like the fun riff on Brain de Homage which has a real down and out garage rock and roll feel to it. The bass work is actually pretty heavy and it has a smooth rolling style that really gets a chance to shine. The heavy bass adds quite a bit of power to the music and adds a lot of energy too. I think that the drums have a pretty cool attack here. They tend towards the very punchy and help get the songs moving a bit more. A classic example of this is on the track Country Gravy. The vocals are very smooth yet at the same time have an edgier rawer quality that gives them that rock and roll aggression. Their solid power adds quite a bit of force to the bands higher end. In conclusion Step Daddy isa jamming rock and roll band who will not let you get in their way, so go check them out!

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