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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gypsyhawk-Revelry and Resilience
And now we have a review of the new Gypsyhawk record Revelry and Resilience. This is the next step for Gypsyhawk, their sound has much evolved and they have become a much more effective band. Yet they have not completed their ascension to godhood. This is a band that stands on the brink. With the right step forward they could become lords of hard rock, but with a single mistep all of the victory and power of their last two albums could be lost. The momentum gained with this record is considerable, yet I feel like the band can do more. The guitar work is heavy and very in line with the groups previous work. Meanwhile the bass playing is rather heavy and adds a very cool Motorhead feel. The drumming is hectic and has the energy that only the true great can convey. Finally the singing still has all the grit and power that Gypsyhawk has brought us to expect. This album, is truly the next step in this bands stairway to heaven.

The guitar playing on this record is stellar, the band has clearly advanced as musicians since their last release. I particularly find that the solos have really developed since the last album, they have a lot more flavor here, there is a bit more technical work which is nicely offset by the killer bends. The overall riffing is much the same though, it retains that classic Gypsyhawk flavor, I would like to note that I find their to be a bit more of a metal influence on this record. Some of the songs have an almost Revocation-like edge. The songwriting is extremely solid and the songs are a lot tighter than on the previous release. With not a single song over 5 minutes the band has much progressed since their last album in that regard as well. Whats particularly cool is that some of the songs (for example 1345) can sound like progressive epics, yet still stay under 5 minutes. It really shows how much this band has evolved.

The rhythm section is very tight and has a lot of power behind it. The bass work is particularly wonderful with quite a few cool fills that hearken back to the days of Led Zeppelin. The heavy bass on the intro of 1345 shows a darker and moodier side of the band that we might not have been able to see in the last release. It shows a lot of nerve to do something like that yet it works. Then, with the speedy riff that follows the bassist doesn't miss a beat, he just keeps on rocking. The drumming on this album is also rather tight. I really like the raw rock and toll energy that this guy manages to express on the skins. Its just so dynamic! He really shows a bit more of a wild and crazy side that we wouldn't have seen a few years ago. At the same time his playing has become a bit more technical and he seems to have a better idea of what he wants to do now. Overall the rhythm section has become a lot tighter and has helped a lot with the punchier songs.

Finally the raw and gritty vocals remind me of an older time, a wilder time, a time when rock and roll ruled the earth. They have an old school feel while staying vibrant and powerful. I really like how the vocals fit in with the music too. Its a dirty vocal style with a lot of attitude and that perfectly reflects the songs! Also, the lyrics, much more fantasy based on this record than on previous efforts really get a chance to shine. The concept of having lyrics based around The Song of Ice and Fire Series is very cool and adds a lot of flavor, its one of the many ways that this band helps to make itself unique. Overall, this album has a lot of cool things going on vocally and is a step up from the groups previous work!

In conclusion, the new Gypsyhawk record is very awesome, but it is just the next step in this bands glorious ascenscion. The first record was good, this record great, and now what? Can the Hawk fly even higher? Can this band achieve their destiny to dominate the rock and roll world? With a hard and heavy guitar sound this band has all of the guts of late 70s heavy metal. Meanwhile a pounding bass really keeps the vibe going. The energetic drumming adds a lot of flavor to the music and drives everything forward. Lastly, the powerful vocals have the might of a god and will not be silenced. I feel that all of our questions about the band will be answered with the next release, and I can not wait to hear it!


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