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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Black Bourbon Devils-50 Shades of Shame
So today our first review is of the Black Bourbon Devils a very cool garage rock band who remind me a lot of Gypsyhawk. they have a classy rock and roll energy to them that shows all the ferocity of the old school legends. The guitar parts are heavy and fast and ripped straight from the garage. The solos are lively and often very bluesy. They have a wild quality to them that carries me away on their beautiful wings. The bass work is rather heavy and really shines on some of the riffs where it is given a solid spot in the mix. In particular the bass playing on the track Death Becomes Her. We hear a crazy swirling riff that the bass just rocks. It leads the charge into a killer rock and roll song. In the meantime the drumming is hectic and reminiscent of the punk rock drumming of The Sex Pistols or The Ramones. In particular the simple drumming in Ghosts in The Radio perfectly embodies this punk rock ethos. Finally the vocals have a grit to them that can only be found in the truest of garage bands. They have a partying side too and show off how crazy and fun these guys can be. The lyrics can be philosphical (Ghosts in the Radio) or downright partytastic (Sh*tball Wankfest). Overall this is a very fun EP that any fan of old school rock and roll should love, so go check this EP out!

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