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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Insanity Alert

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Insanity Alert is an excellent thrash metal band reminiscent of legends like Slayer and Dark Angel. They have a pure old school thrash feel and make you want to mosh until you die. Their music is fast and brutal with lots of insane riffs that form the basis of the music. The raw speed of some of these guitar riffs is pretty impressive. They are constructed to be easy to headbang too, and can you help not too? Insanity Alert is one of the headbangingest bands around. The bass work is rather heavy and the solid playing of the bassist reminds me a lot of Tom Araya. He makes everything more brutal, angrier, and overall scarier. The drum work on this record is crazy, the fills come in ata mile a minute and the double bass drum simply storms through. This bands drummer truly has the thrash metal energy required to make this kind of music work. The singing is aggressive and ripped. The singer has an old school thrash growl that really reminds me of the singer of Exodus or even Death Angel. He makes this band feel older than they actually are. Meanwhile, the lyrics are all about the glories of metal or more violent themes. Typical song titles are Glorious Thrash and Crucified by Zombies. My personal favorite is Run To the Pit, a new twist on the Iron Maiden classic which basically defines what I love so much about heavy metal. In conclusion, Insanity Alert is fun, brutal and headbanging. These guys are truly glorious thrashers, and remember RUN TO THE PIT, MOSH FOR YOUR LIFE!

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