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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recently Vacated Graves

Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal

On this fine morrow, I have the joy of bringing you one of the silliest acts that I have yet had the pleasure to review. They are called Recently Vacated Graves and label themselves as True Zombie Metal. They combine a brutal death metal sound with the sheer ridiculousness of zombies. There is an interesting dichotomy here though. On one side we have the Consumed by Death EP with songs like Chaaaggh and the classic Vlaagkk (seriously, awesome song people) and on the other wehave the more mature Antietam 1862, a concept EP about the bloodiest day in the American Civil War, but with zombies. Muscially this band is also pretty good. The guitar playing is pretty standard of the brutal death genre, however there are some really good gallops and very tasty melodies that keep things going. The bass work is also steady but in tandem with the drums creates a almost chaotic aura. The same aura that must go on during a zombie attack. Asides from the chaotic playing, the drums are actually rather tight. They get the speedy double bass down pat, reminding you of people running from these horrible creatures. Finally, the growls are pretty cool The singer can really get brutal and at his best can make zombie noises himself and sound possessed. In some ways this is a logical extension of the work of King Crimson and Adam Todd Brown. In conclusion Recently Vacated Graves is a brilliant band who you will not forget. So check them out!

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