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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Interview with L'esprit du Clan

So I recently had the honor of having one of my friends in the Paris Hardcore band L'esprit Du Clan answer some questions for me! Check it out!

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So, can you introduce L'esprit Du Clan?

EDC is a french band based in Paris , we have been doing metal music with french lyrics since 1994. Doing shows everywhere in Europe and 3 tours in Canada , 2 in Iceland for example. So we expect to reach the U.S in 2014 :)

Can we have a brief overview of your history?

We were in school together (for the most of us) and started doing music around 15 years ago. We played around Paris and after our first album we went on tour with Marauder (NYC) across Europe. After that we have signed a deal with our booking agency (rage tour) and the band become bigger and bigger after each CD and tours. Now we play around 150 shows per year and have a lot of fun on the road.

Who are your big influences?

We have a lot of influences from The old death metal bands like "Morbid Angel" to the new scene like "Job for a Cowboy" and some other influences like movie scores, dubstep, hip hop, etc ... and some french music like "Serge Gainsbourg" or "Renaud" . As we are 6 in the band the influences are too many to list.

What do you think makes L'esprit Du Clan unique?
Like I told you we sing in french. There is not too many bands like us in playing everywhere in Europe and who sing french lyrics. Maybe that's the Unique thing. As I'm in the band it's hard to have the good eye on it.

How do you define the image of the band?
We are what we are , we are not working on our image. Of course we are working on the CD's , I mean for the cover and everything. But if you meet us you will just find 6 simple guys!

What is it like playing in a Paris based Metal Band?

It's a good thing cause Paris is a big city. There's a lot of places to play and a lot of bands to see. Paris is a good place to be as a band cause you are very close to Belgium, Switzerland, Germany etc ... And there's not too many kilometers to go to reach a show. Some bands coming from Marseille will go many more kilometers to play ... After that I think that people are looking more and more for French bands. Thank's to Gojira, they have done a great job !

What are the other cool bands on the Paris scene for you?

Without any hesitation I will say As they Burn. I use to work with this guys and they will kick your ass as soon as you will start hearing there cd's. Hangman's Chair is a fucking good band in a different style you must check them too.

How do you feel about the worldwide metal scene today?
I think that the metal scene is in pretty good health. A lot of bands, a lot of different styles, you can have what you want.

What are some of your favorite bands, worldwide?

Carcass, Behemoth, Morbid Angel, the old Metallica... Lamb of god for the metal scene. And I'm a big fan of Max Richter , a composer who is doing dark ambient with violin, cello , piano etc ... I'm listening a lot of composers coming from cinema or classical music. This is one big influence for me.

You've been a big part of the Paris scene for more than a decade what makes sure that you keep doing this?
Thanks for that. We try to keep moving on, doing our best for the band and have some fun. if EDC is a part of the french metal scene that's cool but we have not done all this things to be a part of it. After the tour (last shows in December) we will have a break. don't expect to see us in 2013 cause we'll be off for the year.

How do you feel that living in Paris affects your music?
To be honest I don't know if there is reel impact. I think that if i were in London with the same life, I'll do the same. I think that's the point is your family. What your parents, brothers, sisters were listening. For example my father is found of Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and stuff like that maybe that is more important than living in Paris.

What got you into metal?
Like I said maybe my father, some friends too of course. After that I'll say the power of this music and the people I've met over the years.

What is it that you love so much about music?
Emotions and feelings. I need to feel the music in my skin. Like goose bumps...

Final comments?

Thanks to you , thanks to all our fans supporting the band. Come to see EDC live before the end of 2012 !!

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