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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Georgians

The Georgians
The Georgians are a cool britpop band with an atmospheric sound that is hard to forget. They have all of the musical force of Muse mixed with a very trippy Radiohead vibe. In addition they are not afraid to really rock out and get the pit going. They find a good combination in their music between moodier bits and rocking explosions. The guitar parts are overall pretty simple but have a nice britpop taste to them. I really like the huge guitars at the end of Fade Away. The synths are also rather powerful, they have a very atmospheric vibe and this means that the band sounds as if they are supported by an epic symphony. The bass work on this album is rather vibrant and features a lot of cool fills. In the lighter guitar parts we really get to see the bassist shine and see his true skill in play. The drums are brilliantly arranged and have a lot of gravitas in the mix. I really like how they fit into the songs, they have a great role. Finally the singing is absolutely stellar, this bands vocalist has a cool and very dreamy voice that just carries you away to a different world. Its really a voice you can get lost in. In conclusion The Georgians are a lot of fun to listen too and any fan of britpop and modern rock would love them!

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