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Monday, August 20, 2012


Drink 'Til We Die cover art
Time for a review of Lagerstein a pirate metal band from Brisbane(wow, today sure turned out folk metally). This is a band that incorporates a lot of the melodies of the age of piracy but gives them more of a rock feel than Alestorm or Swashbuckled. Their sound is surprisingly symphonic, powerful, and beautiful. This is a truly magnificent album that is worth many a listen. The riffs are often rather piratey in tone. At times they have a symphonic black metal feel to them. Yet they have an overall rock feel that means that mainstream fans can enjoy them too. The bass work is very solid and the crazy bass fills are very tasty. This bands bassist is given a lot of leeway and he really ends up shining on some of these tracks. The drumming is very solid and incorporates a lot of folk rhythms as well as metal ones. This creates a rather unique sound that is very listenable. The keyboard work is very symphonic at times and melodic at others. It achieves a good balance but ensures that everything has a strong pirate feel. Finally we have the vocals, with a powerful clean voice the singer of this group can really belt it. And while I might prefer some more grit from a pirate metal vocalist he is definitely good enough. The parts where all the band sings together are by far my favorite as they get a very earthy feel to them and add to the seafaring element. So go check out Lagerstein, the newest act on the pirate metal ship!

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