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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Barrens

The Barrens cover art
The Barrens are a very unique very psychedelic sound that reminds me distinctly of Pink Floyd, only moreso. That is probably one of the few good ways to describe The Barrens sound, more Pink Floyd than Pink Floyd. With all of the trippy elements and general bizarre heaviness that makes Pink Floyd so good The Barrens take that sound to a new level layering in a whole new garage element and a whole new level of heaviness that makes their music distinct. The guitar work on this album is rather brutal and features some excellent riffs that remind me distinctly of garage rock legends like The Troggs. Meanwhile the bass playing is very heavy and really can provide some cool experimental vibes in songs like Bottom of a Well. (Which also includes an awesome clapping bit) The drumming on this album is very solid and encompasses a variety of style from classic rock, to psychedelia to some almost pop punk rhythms in certain tracks. This provides a very interesting layer to the playing and makes things a bit more interesting. The keys add a very trippy feel to everything and make the music almost shimmery at times. This is another quality that makes this band very Pink Floyd. Finally the vocals, both male and female are brilliantly executed and very beautiful. They have at once a classical and psychedelic quality. The male vocals can also get very garage rock. Overall, this album features a brilliant vocal performance that is not easy to forget. In conclusion, The Barrens are one of the most inspiring acts of 2012. They play glorious and powerful music that is hard to forget, so go check them out!

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