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Monday, August 13, 2012

Lost Dimension

Litany portrait

Lost Dimension is a cool thrash metal band that combines elements of more modern and tight thrash acts like Revocation with an old school Bathory type black metal taste. They have a certain aggression to them that shows they have all the might that is required to succeed. The guitar riffs are crushing and have a power that can not be easily ignored. I particularly like how big and meaty the guitar sounds in a lot of the mixes. It adds a lot of substance to the band. Meanwhile the solos are flashy and very explosive. Also adding substance to the band is the brutal bass playing which dominates in heavier tracks like Trinity. This bands bassist knows how to make it heavy and won't stop rocking. The drum playing is extremely heavy and the pounding drums really get a manic energy into a lot of the music. Nothing about this bands rhythm section is controlled, least of all the drums. They are crazy and vicious and very tasty. Finally we have the singing, with a powerful voice reminiscent of bands like Celtic Frost and Bathory this guy shows that he has quite a cool set of pipes. His singing is at once bombastic and evil and adds a lot of overall flavor to the music. In conclusion, Lost Dimension is a killer thrash act, go check them out!

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