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Monday, August 13, 2012

Under Blackened Skies

Under Blackened Skies

Under Blackened Skies is a sick Melodic Death Metal band with a major thrash metal edge. Their sound is brutally heavy and has a lot of raw power behind it. There is something here that makes Under Blackened Skies more than a melodeath band. Rather than just being another In Flames clone Under Blackened Skies is horrifically solid, frighteningly powerful, and very, very tight. The guitar playing is might and the sheer majesty of the sound is a forced to be reckoned with. The more melodic licks are also really good as they add a lot of flavor the music. It makes this band unique, at once melodic and ridiculously heavy. Under Blackened Skies makes heaviness an art form. A large part of this is due to the fast and heavy bass playing. On this record the bass makes everything click, he keeps the energy up and the riffs satanic. He is an excellent musician. The drumming is also pretty cool, a lot of the fills are rather unique, I really like the use of cymbals on Bludgeon. They show the true heaviness of the band, as well as their combination of speedy charges with more laid back riffing. Finally we have the vocals. With a really dark sound that could almost be described as deathcore like the singer of this band is truly fueled by evil. His singing is extremely harsh, the growls are wonderfully deep. In conclusion Under Blackened Skies could very well be the next thing in melodeath and their new EP more than proves that!

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