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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mad Hatter 2.0

Mad Hatter 2.0 is a really cool groovy metalcore band. Their music is filled with a ton of great elements and all sorts of layers that makes these guys an amalgam of the greatest metal in the world today. With guitar parts that have solid Pantera and Lamb of God feel this band is instantly addictive. Their music is just so tasty and lively, it makes me not want to stop listening. The bass work is also rather heavy and features some awesome headbanging riffs in songs like Your own Worst Enemy. It adds a lot of flavor to the music and gives it a certain bottom end might that only the greatest bands can have. The drumming on this record is very tight, the drummer has all his parts down to perfection and he is a crucial part of the sound. His crashing cymbals add a lot of craziness and explosiveness to the music. Finally we have the vocals, a combination of styles I have never heard singing done quite like this before. Ranging from a Zakk Wylde type thrum, to heavy deathcore growl this guy can do quite a bit with his voice. It fits in surpisingly well with some of the rather bluesy riffs. In conclusion, Mad Hatter 2.0 is an awesome band and could very well be the next Lamb of God!

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