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Friday, August 24, 2012

Gut Bucket
Gut Bucket is a very heavy and distinctly unique Hardcore Punk band. They have twin bassists and no guitarist, when combined with some very gory lyrics this band become one of the heaviest things since Origin started out in '98. Gut Bucket is truly extreme, this band has a heaviness that very few modern bands can match. The dual bass interplay is very interesting and the way the lines are set up fascinates me. They somehow manage to stay lively and pounding, I find this to be rather impressive. Asides from the super heaviness added in the bass work really creates some cool rhythms that are made for headbanging. I think this combination has a lot of future potential. Then we have the drumming, with a lot of bizarre, almost stonerish rhythms the drummer adds a weird new element to the band. Yet he can still drum extremely fast and get all of the hardcore out. He strikes an interesting balance and shows that hardcore can have some trippier drum parts. With all three band members doing some sort of singing the vocals are pretty impressive. It adds a lot of flavor to the music to have these three different singers. I really like this combination and all of the elements it adds to the music. In conclusion, Gut Bucket is one of the great new hopes for hardcore, with a unique sound and two awesome bassists this band will not leave you bored!

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