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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Monks of Mellonwah

Monks of Mellonwah is a nifty alt rock band with a major funk influence. Their playing is very psychedelic and really interesting to listen too. They are a band that has a lot of layers to their sound. There are things that are always ready to be uncovered. I The guitar work on this album is multilayered and features both exotic arpeggios and heavier punk rock riffs. This is an interesting combination that really draws me deeper in to the music. Overall the compositions are very interesting from a guitar perspective. They show off some very mature songwriting for such a young band. The bass playing on this record is also rather interesting. It is especially heavy for a band that is overall very light. It adds a weird element in, that almost reminds me of the fusion group Trioscapes at times. It also helps on some very interesting build ups that are found in this bands music. The drumming is technically rather simple, but the overall implementation is very good. It is just a tribute to the excellent songwriting that these guys have. The singing on this record is really good. It has the classic pop rock feel to it and it really fits with a lot of the music. However there is also a classical layer in here, obviously the singer has had quite a bit of technical training. Meanwhile, the lyrics are also pretty fascinating. In conclusion Monks of Mellonwah is a really interesting band with a lot to say. I can't wait to hear what they come out with next!

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