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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Temple is a cool instrumental prog band very much in the new wave of modern prog that isn't djent. With a sound that could be compared to the likes of Scale the Summit this band is made up of true virtuosos. With a heaviness that makes them unique along with a technicality that is typical of the genre these guys are very cool to listen too. The guitar work on this record is rather heavy with a lot of extended power chord riffs. However the compositions are rather complex, everything is very theoretically correct, yet charged with energy so that the music does not come off as show-offish. The bass playing on this album is pretty solid however there are no true chances where the bass gets to shine. The drumming is extremely fast at times and the licks are often very tasty. I particularly like how for long periods of time he will just kick away at his double bass pedal and then add cool sounding fills on top. The keyboard work is rather cool too, it has a great symphonic feel that allows it to truly shine. In particular the keyboards on the track Mountain are really fun. All in all Temple is a great band with a lot of potential, check them out!

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