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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Piston-Playing with Fire

So my rocking friends over at Piston have a new track out called Playing with Fire and I figured I'd review it. This song shows Piston once more at their hard rocking finest. With a great Guns n Roses influence to the sound this Piston's best track yet! The crushing guitar riffs draw you into the bluesy Piston sound. They have all of the rock and roll glory that our heroes used to strut. Piston has all of the majesty and power of Motorhead. At the same time, the solo in this track is brilliant, it shows what the guitarist of this group is truly capable of. The bass work is rather solid and has a walking feel to it that means the band is very comfortable with showing off their roots. The bluesy bass really takes me back to the good old days of late 70s hard rock. The drumming on this song is crashing and hectic, it has the true old school magic. While the playing might be overall rather simple it has a taste and a class to it that is hard to forget. Finally the vocals are filled with energy and very powerful. The singer of this band has a voice that can really blast it. he has all of the power of Dio and the attitude of (the old) Axl Rose. In conclusion, the new Piston track is awesome and you NEED to listen to it. Check it out on their facebook!

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